Moondust Lorraine


  • Roepnaam / Call Name
  • Geboren / Born
  • Heupen / Hips
  • Ellebogen / Elbows
  • Ogen / Eyes
    Vrij / Clear
  • PRA1
    Vrij / Clear
  • PRA2
    Vrij / Clear
  • Ichthyosis
    Drager / Carrier

Titels / Awards

  • Fokdag GRCN - 2x Uitmuntend
  • Newyearsshow - 1Ex Junior class
  • GRV Clubshow - 1Ex Intermediate class

Jako's Musthave

CH. Trewater Tally

CH. Shardanell Castaspell
Ipcress Sir Thomas
Lovehayne Scarlett Sage For Shardanell

Trewater Lottie
Gatchells Jazz Player
Trewater Sadie

CH Jako's Hope For The Future

CH. Ramchaine Snap To Jako's
CH. Lochtaymor King of Diamonds
CH. Remington Requisite Of Ramchaine

CH. Jako's Octavia
CH. Dewmist Samsonite
CH. Jako's Keep On Smiling

Moondust Promisses

JCH. String of Pearls Jamaican Me Crazy

CH. Majik Truth Or Dare
CH. Majik Finders Keepers
Majik Vissi d'Arte

String of Pearls Crepes Suzette
CH. Moondust Masterpiece
JCH. String of Pearls Cinderella

Broadway of the Morning Valley

CH. Ritzilyn Brandon
CH. Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
CH. Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

JCH. Moondust Highlands Heritage
CH. Garbank Lislone Jackpot
Garbank Rainbow